Himi Showakan
Full of memories from the Showa era

While walking the retro streets lined with reconstructed houses and stores from the Showa era,

try to find some old toys and trinkets!

1F Exhibition Section
氷見昭和館 昭和体感コーナー 1F南側展示コーナー

Step inside to travel back in time to the good old days of Japan's Showa era.

氷見昭和館 昭和体感コーナー 1F北側展示コーナー

The 1F north side includes reproductions of a candy store, a tobacco store, and a toy store.

1F Game Section
氷見昭和館 昭和体感コーナー ゲームコーナー

Relive your childhood by playing retro games like Charmball, Space Invaders, and Packman.

氷見昭和館 昭和体感コーナー 1F南側展示コーナー 古民家

Continue inside to find a reproduction of an old private house. The room with six tatami mats has a black and white TV set and a traditional low dining table.

2F Exhibition Section
氷見昭和館 昭和体感コーナー 2F北側展示コーナー

There are more Showa era streets and shops reproduced on the 2F north side.

氷見昭和館 昭和体感コーナー 2F展示コーナー

The rows of stores include an electronics store, a camera store, a liquor store, a drug store, and a watchmaker's store. A hexagonal display case contains a collection of antique bills and stamps.

Entrance fee

Himi Showakan


526-1 Yanaida, Himi-shi, Toyama, 935-0031, Japan


Tel: 0766-91-4000


Open:  9:00 am

Close:  6:00 pm


Closed on wednesdays and thursdays